Read & Company Architects has practiced in Baltimore since 1994, providing a comprehensive range of services in architecture, planning, and interior design for institutional, municipal, commercial and individual clients in Maryland and the surrounding area. We do not limit our practice to any one building or project type, preferring the breadth of general practice over the routine of specialization. This approach has brought us commissions in complex renovations and additions, long-range university planning efforts, design and construction for primary and higher education, and projects ranging from private homes to municipal, institutional, and religious buildings. Our work is varied, but joined by the common thread of our commitment to address each project on its own terms and provide our clients with thoughtful analysis, frank advice and prompt service.

We approach architecture as one of the practical arts, as concerned with pragmatic problem solving as it is with aesthetic judgment and expression. We ground all that we do in a careful examination of things as we find them, in the nature of the places we work, in the interests of the people for whom we work, in the history of our time and place, and especially in the possibilities bound up in the materials and processes employed to build the work. We believe that the best architecture is rooted in a real understanding of materials, an appreciation of craftsmanship, and a serious commitment to the construction process.

We practice architecture knowing that our projects matter in the lives of the people who build and use them, that they matter for a very long time after our work is done, and that they, and our clients, deserve all the skill and attention we can invest in them.

Architectural Sketches